Indian Buffalo Meat has become a serious business proposition

--Helmus Damen, Area Sales Manager, MPS Meat Processing Systems, The Netherlands

MPS meat processing systems of the Netherlands is the global market leader in the supply of advanced red meat slaughtering systems, CO2 stunners, blood collection plants, carcass splitters, food logistic systems, and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Helmus Damen, Area Sales Manager, MPS Meat Processing Systems, The Netherlands, in a brief interview with AgriBusiness & Food Industry, talks about his company’s India plans, why India is a big market in red meat processing markets, issues like after-sale service and pricings, food safety, among other things. Excerpts:

MPS Meat Processing Systems took part in recently concluded FoodEx India 2013, in Bangalore. As Area Sales Manager the firm, please tell us how much do you think it would help you understand Indian potentials to set up your footprint in India?>
The potential of India in Red Meat is obvious and clear, with its large Dairy volumes, provided by the biggest Buffalo herd size in the world and highest herd growth per annum, supported by the growing demand for Red Meat in the region and with Regional economic growth (fe China), increased prices for export, Indian Buffalo Meat has become an even more serious business item.

India is number one in buffalo population and meat export. Exports of beef are expected to rise by 25 per cent due to consistent demands from Vietnam, South-East Asia and Middle East countries. As a leading meat technology supplier, how do you view Indian meat processing market in comparison to other developing countries you are present in?

The Indian Meat Processing market has established itself as a high volume exporting Buffalo Meat country since a long period of time. The yearly growth of exports volumes are attracting new investors in this field, and at the same time also already established Meat exporters are adding, expanding or upgrading to their today’s production capacities.

You must have some attractive plans and offerings for India. What are they?

We have our MPS Lines in operation in India already for 20 + years. We have also installed several MPS Buffalo and Sheep lines in India where we have produced critical parts in India, by our design and specifications, as such reducing costs to acceptable levels for the India market. In addition MPS has its internal and external global training Management solution where not only the Technical, Maintenance and Operation staff is trained but also trained on the Application (who.what.where.when)

MPS meat processing systems is the international market leader for advanced red meat slaughtering systems. Please tell us more about your latest technology?

MPS has high experience in latest Robot Technology with patented Twin Tool development which was shown at the IFFA 2013, but is already long time in operation with our customers, in a global market. Besides the innovation, we know where we come from and our product portfolio has expanded vertically (new and/or strict food safety regulation, capacity increase, innovations) and Horizontally (adding fields of various expertise companies Durand, Anita, Butina, KJ), and we have today the possibility to discuss Small – Medium – and High volume Slaughter capacities complete till final finished chilled packed Food Safe meat products.

After-sale service is a major issue with foreign machinery suppliers. This gives an edge to domestic players who have another advantage of cost-effectiveness. So how are going to address these issues: pricings and after-sale service?

MPS has a major advantage on their long lasting, heavy duty design, of transport systems and machine design. MPS is running a 24/7 Spares and Service Department for our global based MPS customers. Those with PLC and modem connection, we can support on line and advise within minutes, the cause and solution. The MPS lines are designed that most often, only wear and tear parts are to be replaced. Here MPS also has designed these specific parts and components to be exchanged within minutes, if needed without stopping at all.

How do you address food safety issue which is becoming a major thing everywhere?

The end-consumers and with it the global meat market will have to follow the latest rules and regulations in order to ensure safety of any food item, thus also meat. Name and reputation of any food producing or exporting company, comes with consistent Quality of Safe-food items, as you can see in global Fast food chains.

This at the same time requires from MPS a constant updating of our engineering to continuous follow the HACCP guidelines, FDA Quality and Safety requirements on all our MPS Solutions.